Power of Dictation

English Hills, Ginza strongly asserts that “dictation” is the most effective way to reasonably learn and master English language. It is justly expected that you would have an amazingly different English ability in the future with or without taking dictation in accordance with the sophisticated teaching mechanism of English Hills, Ginza.

You are hereby guided to systematically study the following voice lectures in order to recognize and understand the profundity of English language itself. All you need for your intellectual and rational development shall be rationally instructed out of the following voice lectures solemnly introduced here on this page.

You have twelve voice lectures as a series of the extraordinary lectures titled, “Power of dictation.” You are enthusiastically guided to study one voice lecture for using one week. Totally, you need twelve weeks to gradually finish all voice lectures lectured by your instructor, Toshiyuki Namai.

As for one piece of the voice lectures, listening to it 10 times a day is essentially required in order to deeply understand what your instructor carefully lectures upon in the face-to-face lesson in the Ginza sanctuary. You need to listen to it 70 times for one voice lecture each during one week. You totally need twelve weeks to complete studying all of voice lectures for the sake of grasping the meaning and the essence of dictation.

You are required to submit a copy of report (summary of your study) to the instructor as prerequisite. You are privileged to solemnly receive his extraordinary lecture after submitting it in the lesson on the spot (one voice lecture for one week).

A series of voice lectures, “Power of dictation”

The twelve voice lectures, a series of the lectures titled, “Power of dictation” are solemnly provided below. Those who need some more information or advice regarding the “appropriate way” of study are constructively guided to ask the instructor without hesitation. Everything related to your sophistication now hinges upon your active courage.

Power of dictation Ⅰ(英語音声講義)
“Humanitarian Lesson organized by reason and sensibility”

Power of dictation Ⅱ(英語音声講義)
“English as the embodiment of spirituality and rationality Toshiyuki Namai possesses”

Power of dictation Ⅲ(英語音声講義)
“Tasting words, phrases and sentences lusciously”

Power of dictation Ⅳ(英語音声講義)
“The indispensability to start taking dictation from zero in a notebook”

Power of dictation Ⅴ(英語音声講義)
“An unknown word is a ‘gift’ given for your genuine cultivation.”

Power of dictation Ⅵ(英語音声講義)
“An unknown word is a ‘gift’ given for your genuine cultivation.”

Power of dictation Ⅷ(英語音声講義)
“Wisdom and a sense of beauty in English spoken”

Power of dictation Ⅸ(英語音声講義)
“Notebook as ‘hand-made intellect’”

Power of dictation Ⅹ(英語音声講義)
“Tasting of rational and aesthetical flavors delicately”

Power of dictation Ⅺ(英語音声講義)
“Reverberation through feeling a sense of transience”

Power of dictation Ⅻ(英語音声講義)
“‘Elevated English” supernaturally transcends elegant English.”

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